Gene Page: GRIK3

GeneID  2899
Symbol  GRIK3
Synonyms  EAA5|GLR7|GLUR7|GluR7a
Description  glutamate receptor, ionotropic, kainate 3
See related  HGNC:4581|MIM:138243|Ensembl:ENSG00000163873|HPRD:00691|
Locus tag  -
Gene type  protein-coding
Map location  1p34-p33
Gene in Data Sources
Gene set nameMethod of gene setEvidenceInfo
AssociationA combined odds ratio method (Sun et al. 2008), association studies2Link to SZGene
LiteratureHigh-throughput literature-searchCo-occurance with Schizophrenia keywords: [schizophrenias, schizophrenic, schizophrenics, schizophrenia]Click to show detail
GO_AnnotationMapping neuro-related keywords to Gene Ontology annotationsHits with neuro-related keywords: 5 
Gene Expression ?
Gene Ontology
Molecular functionGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0004872receptor activityIEA-
GO:0004970ionotropic glutamate receptor activityIEAglutamate (GO term level: 7)-
GO:0005216ion channel activityIEA-
GO:0005234extracellular-glutamate-gated ion channel activityIEAglutamate (GO term level: 11)-
GO:0015277kainate selective glutamate receptor activityTASglutamate (GO term level: 8)7719709 
Biological processGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0006811ion transportIEA-
GO:0007215glutamate signaling pathwayTASglutamate (GO term level: 7)7719709 
GO:0042391regulation of membrane potentialIDA11124978 
Cellular componentGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0005886plasma membraneIEA-
GO:0005887integral to plasma membraneTAS7719709 
GO:0016021integral to membraneIEA-
GO:0030054cell junctionIEA-
GO:0045202synapseIEAneuron, Synap, Neurotransmitter, Glial (GO term level: 2)-
GO:0045211postsynaptic membraneIEASynap, Neurotransmitter (GO term level: 5)-
InteractionsShown by Network
InteractorsAliases BOfficial full name BExperimentalSourcePubMed ID
FLNAABP-280 | ABPX | DKFZp434P031 | FLN | FLN1 | FMD | MNS | NHBP | OPD | OPD1 | OPD2filamin A, alpha (actin binding protein 280)-HPRD11943148 
GRIK5EAA2 | GRIK2 | KA2glutamate receptor, ionotropic, kainate 5-HPRD,BioGRID9466455 
GRIP1GRIPglutamate receptor interacting protein 1Reconstituted Complex
PICK1MGC15204 | PICK | PRKCABPprotein interacting with PRKCA 1Reconstituted Complex
SDCBPMDA-9 | ST1 | SYCL | TACIP18syndecan binding protein (syntenin)Reconstituted ComplexBioGRID11891216 
KEGG Pathway Info
hsa04080: Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction - Homo sapiens (human)Go to KEGGAll SZGR genes in this pathway
miRNA Targets ?
miRNA familyTarget positionmiRNA IDmiRNA seq
UTR startUTR endMatch method
  • SZ: miRNAs which differentially expressed in brain cortex of schizophrenia patients comparing with control samples using microarray. Click here to see the list of SZ related miRNAs.
  • Brain: miRNAs which are expressed in brain based on miRNA microarray expression studies. Click here to see the list of brain related miRNAs.

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